Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome to Our [Tiny] New Apartment!

Hello Internet! I missed you!

For the last week, S and I have been inundated with boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape while we moved into the new apartment. Despite stacks and stacks of boxes filled with miscellaneous treasures, this place is really starting to shape up. Downside: now that the apartment is filled with stuff, it seems a lot smaller than when we first came to view the apartment a month ago.

So many thanks to my cousins, Seth and Eli, and my Aunt A, who helped enormously with transporting all of our worldly possessions from the gigantic uHaul into our minuscule new living space.

On another note - I may have to take a short break from posting exciting wedding developments, recipes and assorted crafts... because the entire apartment is covered in boxes. I haven't seen the kitchen table in days, and the towering pile of boxes in the studio make it difficult to even contemplate pausing to post for you lovely people.

However, Thanksgiving is next week (Canadian Thanksgiving) and my parents are contemplating visiting the area and seeing my new place! Now I'm in a tizzy of unpacking, and dreaming about fabulous fall foods... possibly involving squash. Butternut squash bread? Or maybe sweet potatoes. Or parsnips! I know I saw a great recipe for parsnip brownies somewhere!!!

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