Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Proposal

Three things crossed my mind when S proposed to me.

1. Oh! I'm the happiest girl in the world!
2. I can't wait to tell my friends and family!


3. How the hell are we going to pay for a wedding?

It's been a month since then. 

I spent the time calling different halls, churches, inns. I researched destination weddings - because eloping would be a welcome relief to S, who is now faced with having two hundred of my loud Italian relatives descend on him at our wedding. Poor guy, but I did warn him what he was getting in to.

Our guest list stands around 250. Our hastily established wedding bank account now contains $710.58. Possible? Not remotely!

I have 25 months before the wedding. This is my todo list:

1. Earn, beg, borrow, or steal around $25 000.

2. Find a FABULOUS used dress and alter it to fit my curvy frame. But who knows? Possibly over the next two years I'll find a way to afford an adorable vintage one?

3. Take engagement photos. Find someone to do it for free. Wait to print pictures until after the wedding is paid off.

4. Make 'Save the Date' cards. I'm thinking photobooth pictures, kisses and silliness and big signs reading "We're getting married!!"

5. Make wedding invitations. Recycled paper? Only if I'm recycling it myself!

6. Make Bridemaid's gifts: Little do those lovely women know, but I've acquired some gorgeous hot pink T-Shirts that I will paint. Glitter will likely be involved, they will be sensationally girly, and I can see them squirming with horror already. (real Bridesmaids gifts will be involved, more research to follow)

7. Design table centrepieces - I'm thinking re-purposed old bottles and vases, painted multiple shades of purple? I love this idea already!

8. Wedding cake. I can bake, fairly well, and I can decorate (also fairly well) so reasonably I should be able to decorate my own cake, right? I shall immediately start baking 'test' cakes and decorating them fabulously. Poor S, he has a lot of taste testing to do.

9. Make wine. Investigate wine kits sales. Luckily our hall has no corkage fees! Heck yes for lucky breaks!

10. Thank you cards - make them? Buy them? Wholesales?

11. Design seating chart. I can't wait to figure out who gets to sit with S's grandmother!

12. Put together music playlist. This will be fun.

13. Find Bridesmaids dresses. I want my fabulous girls decked out in purple, with different styles to suit each one. We're going to have fun with this one!

14. Coordinate wedding rings. Diamonds? No diamonds? S loves the idea of tungsten rings. All the rage or a passing phase?

That's enough todo list for now. Thoughts?


  1. LOVE this blog!! Can't wait to read more (and more!) about your plans for the amazingly wonderful day!!!

    1. So glad you like it! All this planning is really exciting and so much fun! I might have to go into wedding planning....